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232 NE 28th Ave

Portland, OR 97231

(503) 231-7100


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The finest gelato created daily from the freshest ingredients!

Try our scrumptious cake donuts and delicious Illy coffee. 





Available for just a moment in time! These incredibly flavorful, albeit humble looking berries are only grown in Oregon and are a state treasure. Don't miss out!


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We love vanilla! Don't get us wrong, we love to create new and delicious gelato and sorbet flavors and we encourage everyone to try something new - it's exciting! But we honor and love the traditional and beloved flavors as well. And as for vanilla — did you know it is made from orchids and grown in only a few places on Earth? It is super exotic! Our vanilla comes from Mexico, the original home of the vanilla bean orchid. It is a warm, smokey vanilla with a robust fragrance — perfect for a creamy scoop of gelato. So next time someone poo-poo's your choice of vanilla; you let them know that not only is vanilla one of the worlds most expensive and sought after spices, but it's also the bomb. Tell them Staccato Gelato said so.

 Staccato Gelato   •  232 NE 28th Ave Portland, OR 97231  •  (503) 231-7100 

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