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About Us


Our artisan gelato combines the craftsmanship of fine Italian gelato with fresh Oregon flavors and produce. We pride ourselves on using local rBST-free milk and cream, local produce and local suppliers. We enjoy discovering new tastes and creating unique flavors that stand out from the standard fare as well as offering delicious classic flavors. We love Vanilla too!


We offer 18 flavors of gelato daily. But be warned, the flavors are available according to the whim of the gelato maker!


Our master donuts craftsman is hard at work every Friday, Saturday and Sunday making the most delicious donuts this town has ever seen. Worth every calorie, guaranteed. We offer the mini-me version of our donuts on Monday – Thursday (donut holes)


We’ve worked hard to create a space that is welcoming to everyone. We’ve got a colorful little spot on NE 28th. There’s a lot of seating, a kids area, free Wi-Fi and outdoor seating year round (if you’re waterproof).


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